Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Douglas Household

You may be wondering what has been happening in the Douglas household?
Here are a few things, to name a few...
Two Sissys playing in a little "tent"
One Sissy got tied up in a bit of a knot and could not get out...
Daddy came to the rescue
"Whew, get me out of here!"
The other sissy is so busy. busy busy busy.

Little Sissy is taking up Big Sissy's love for books...
And finally, "who's that sleeping on my floor Mommy?!"
"It's Bunny Daddy!"

1 comment:

BecMama said...

We've been all about tents around our house too. Such simple fun. Alaina if I was closer I would squeeze your are a doll. I bet Bunny Daddy is a big hit. You look good T!