Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spreading the Christmas Cheer...

Last night we went to a neighborhood Christmas party.
We have been working with Audrey on looking at adults and talking to them when spoken to - working on our manners. So last night, Daddy had a little talk with Audrey before we went to the party about being friendly to the many adults who would be at the party. Apparently Audrey was listening and "friendly" took on a life of it's own.
We were at our next door neighbor's house and Audrey is fairly comfortable with them and their kids so she was roaming around the house on her own checking things out. Little did I know, she was actually making her rounds spreading the cheer. As I sat down on the couch next to a man and a woman, Audrey came and crawled up on the couch between them and grabbed both of their hands and started swinging hands with them. After some time with them, she crawled down and went to sit by another lady - grabbing her hand as well. I asked the lady if Audrey just grabbed her hand and she said yes and her husband tells me that she did the same thing to him a few minutes ago. THEN, later I am meeting some people who come in the door and Audrey comes up to them (these are all absolute strangers by the way) and grabs 2 hands and starts swinging.
I am looking at this man that I have never seen before and thinking - I have no idea who this man is or what he is like and my daughter is standing there holding his hand. I did follow Audrey into another room and tried to inform her that she did not need to hold everyone's hand, but she said that she did need to. Hmmm. Need to do some work there I think.
And Alaina...I sat down next to Troy on the couch and Alaina was in a neighbor's lap (this one at least we had met on several occasions) and Alaina was basically kissing this man's nose. Picture a toddler's open mouth, all over the face kiss. She was standing on him, bouncing and kissing his nose. He did seem to enjoy entertaining her, but I'm not so sure if that is appropriate party behavior. you think?
I'm just not really sure what to do with all of that.

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BecMama said...

So you have friendly, extroverted kids. They both could have clung to your leg and cried the entire night. Manners are a hard one. Evan has been saying "I just a grumpy head." when he knows he's not being polite or friendly. That's our big battle. Kids have a way of softening people and are fun to have around at holiday parties. This is pretty funny though!