Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Fun-ness

There has been alot of fun going on at the Douglas house lately...

Alaina LOVES the swing ...as you will see in the video below

And the slide is a big hit with everyone. It's a long slide with good hills.

You can sit Laina on the top and she inches her little bottom down until she starts sliding. She loves it! She's quite the dare devil. Isn't that a shocker?!

Sisters sliding together.
Audrey "taking care" of her sissy.
If the slide doesn't hurt Laina, sissy's choke hold just might.
Such fun times!
And a little more of the silliness we've been having around here...
(enjoy my hill billy singing...)

This is a bunny you might have nightmares about...

Oh, the fun never ends.

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Evey said...

Great pics. Good to see things are good in your end of the world :)