Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

This Easter brings several things that we are especially grateful for ~

the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the life we have in Him

worship of our risen Savior

there aren't enough words to express this gratitude.

two beautiful girls with whom we can share this amazing truth

dear friends and family

and a church that we can call home.

Our Easter weekend began with a Good Friday Service at Pantego Bible Church. We enjoyed a special time of reflection on the work of Christ for our salvation.

On Saturday morning Audrey and Mommy made "resurrection rolls." Audrey did alot of the work here. We put "Jesus" in the "cloths" and annointed him with "oil and spices." Then when we baked our rolls we found that He was gone! He had risen from the grave!

Audrey loved this.

On Easter morning our girls awoke to Easter baskets filled with goodies...

Laina found yummy cookies in some of her eggs...

We sure have 2 cute little bunnies...

Audrey showed us everything in her basket...

After church we tried to get some pictures of Alaina and Quinn.

Alaina wasn't too excited about that.

Quinn seemed to enjoy it though.

Then Audrey showed up and Alaina warmed up a bit.

precious babies

The rest of the day was spent at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Eddie's ranch

The girls got so many treats. so so many treats. alot of treats.

And lots of lovin

Laina gave some good lovin too...

and kept on

and on...

There was some great Easter egg hunting

There was way way too much candy eaten....which we may pay for tonight at bedtime...

We found ladybug. Laina was ready to play with it.

Happy Easter everyone!

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