Monday, June 20, 2011

A Fun Weekend with Family

This past weekend we enjoyed having Troy's brother, Jeremy, Aunt Jessica, Cylus and Elijah come for a visit.

What a great time our kids had playing together...

Elijah checking out the bubbles.

some swinging

and sillies

Hot fun at the Fort Worth Zoo

Laina discovered Aunt Jessica's snow cone...and then some grapes...lots of grapes...

We discovered some caves...

then we discovered some water...

Laina LOVED the water!

What a fun day at the zoo!

Then, after church on Father's Day, we went to play in the water for awhile...

some nice cool ice cream before going home

the weekend came to an end as we enjoyed an evening playing together

and visiting with Granny Hilda...

I think these girls really enjoyed their Aunt Jessica

Thanks for coming guys. We hope you'll come again!

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