Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our little fish

Our little Alaina is not so little anymore. She is acting like such a big girl. Talking away. Playing with Sissy. Singing with Sissy. And now swimming like a little fish. This girl is fearless in the water!

We had 2 weeks of "Mommy and Me" swimming lessons a few weeks ago with our friends Mrs. Kelli and Quinn. Alaina and Quinn had a great time together.

These pics are from their last day - "fun day."

They jumped in the pool, kicked their feet, blew some great bubbles and even jumped off the diving board. Neither one was a fan of that. Alaina would only do it once and I'm convinced it was because of the male teacher who was down below to catch her. I know she would have jumped to Mommy! :)

And the grand finale was going down this slide with their teacher...
Even Mommy got to go down the slide...

Fun times at swimming lessons for all!

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