Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet Moments

Alaina is getting so big that she and Audrey are doing alot together. It is so fun to see them playing together.
Last night, after the girls squeeled in the sprinklers for awhile, the 3 of us got to lay down together in Audrey's bed and do our bedtime routine all together. It was so sweet - the 3 of us laying side by side in Audrey's twin bed. We read a fun little story about a sleepy ladybug. Alaina growled when we saw the tiger in the book. Audrey patted on Alaina. We read Audrey's Bible story about Jesus healing a lame man. And we held hands and prayed thanking God for our home and our family and especially for giving Mr. Stu a new heart.
It was such a sweet moment as I held their precious little hands. One of many more to come. Thank you God for my little girls.

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