Saturday, March 24, 2012

Awanas Grand Prix 2012

Today was Audrey's Awanas Grand Prix Race 2012!
Here are a few pics of putting the finishing touches on the car this week...
And here is the final product on race day.
Speedy Hello Kitty Car...with a little mouse friend too!
The girls waiting on the race to begin
So excited
Quinn joined us for the fun
Quinn and Alaina got to race a matchbox car as well. Quinn won.
He didn't know it, but he won. :)
Speedy Hello Kitty getting ready to race...
Our car raced over and over. This is one time that Audrey actually watched her car. :)
And this is after a WIN...
And this is when she got FIRST PLACE!!!! We won we won!!!
We'd like to thank Gatorade...
A celebration for everyone with ring pops.
And the TROPHY!
What a proud girl.
What a proud mom and dad...especially dad. :)
How fun! Our first trophy. What an exciting day. Can't wait till next year.
Daddy is already divising a plan to win again!

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