Saturday, March 30, 2013

Preparing for Easter

We've done something new this year as we prepare for Easter and we've loved it.  
Wanted to share with all of you.
They are called Resurrection Eggs.  Each day we read a page in our book which gives a scripture in the Easter story and then we open an egg that contains an object from the story.  Then the book further explains to the kids the importance of the object. (as you can see in the pic, our last 3 eggs aren't opened yet and I just couldn't spoil it!)  
Our kids have LOVED this.  
And it has been a really neat thing for Troy and I to share with them as well. 
 A sweet daily reminder of our Savior's sacrifice.
If you don't have an Easter tradition with your kids, I encourage you to check these out.
(super cheap at Hobby Lobby!...go for the Easter sale!)
Happy Resurrection!