Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!!

So this past weekend Audrey and I made a trip to Boston for a big surprise. One of my dearest friends, Cora, is leaving soon for a 2 year mission assignment and the church was sending her off this weekend. Audrey and I surprised Cora at lunch last Friday. It was a great surprise. Cora just stared at me not believing we were there with her. (You can see Audrey is bundled up like crazy. It was freezing in Boston on Friday.)Susan finagled the whole lunch surprise (and in fact the whole trip was her big idea.)

Doesn't Audrey have great hat hair? She was a trooper being hauled around in the cold all weekend. And the next big surprise was at Connie Stump's annual birthday party. For the last 3 years I have thrown Connie a party (she loves parties!) and this year Katie pulled off the shindig. Connie and I had talked several times lately about how much we wished I could be at the party...little did she know.

The surprise was great! We had Audrey sitting in the floor of Katie's living room playing with Eden when everyone was arriving - while I hid in the bedroom. Connie came in and pretty immediately made a comment about all the babies. Then she continued to talk to everyone. Then she got down on the floor in front of Audrey (thinking she was someone else) and said what a pretty baby. Then she got confused and started saying "this looks this can't be. is this? This looks like Audrey! no. no!" and she started looking around and I came in. It was so great. Such a perfect surprise.

And then we had a great girl's night of Bunco.

All the girls...(with a few sadly missed)...I love these ladies!
Liz is my all time favorite Bunco player. She is so animated the whole time. It's awesome.

Audrey and Eden got alot of playtime this weekend. Catching up with old friends. Oh, and Bella was right in the middle of things.

I think those are my toys...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's mine.

Are you serious? No way! Tell me more girlfriend!

We were so happy to get to love on Eden all weekend. She is so precious. I can't wait for Audrey and Eden to be big girls playing dolls together.

Then we went over to the Stump's for the evening. Elizabeth, David, and Emma had a great time playing with the girls.Audrey found some great toys at the Stump's house. The evening ended with some karaoke. Connie found her element I think. And of course Kelli is the best.

Audrey even gave it a try.

She sure got alot of lovin this weekend.

The All Star Karaoke Team Thomason

Mr. Mark setting Audrey straight...

And some play time with Bella Besancon...

Some great girl time with Connie and Cora.

And last but not least...exploring the snow with the Stump kids...

It sure was a great weekend....hat hair and all!


Portia said...

YAY!! Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful pictures! It was SO great to see you guys.

BecMama said...

Oh oh how much fun. Now I want to go visit! I'm so glad you were able to go and enjoy your time friend.

*~*allie*~* said...

I keep forgetting to tell you that we started cloth diapering!!! LOVE IT! So fun. Quick question--do you use cloth wipes, too? Just curious as we haven't gone that far into the cd'ing world :)

jen heemstra said...

Hey, I'm so bummed we couldn't make it to church to see you on Sunday. We tried to drive, but the roads by us were so bad that we were afraid we would get in an accident :(

Jeremy, Carol, and Soren said...

It was such a nice surprise to see you last weekend! Thanks for making the trip, alone, with Audrey. She is so precious and such a joy to see in person.