Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you had a very special Christmas with family and friends. Ours was wonderful!
We went to Rockwall to visit Gia and Bapa and our Walker cousins. It was such a special time for Audrey. She even got to spend 2 nights with her cousins. She had a ball playing with them, visiting the animals on the ranch, and being loved on by her Aunt "Savah" and "Donkle Leddie."
Boy did Audrey get some fun presents this year.
Gia and Bapa gave her a Dora "bodycle."

and some fun legos
And let's not forget that this was Alaina's first Christmas. She did sleep through most of it, but she sure was a precious Christmas present for all of us.
Gia made baby Alaina her very own stocking for Christmas this year and Alaina loved getting her stocking stuffers.

Audrey got a microphone in her stocking and what a perfect gift for our little singer. She is constantly asking us to sing "O Holy Night" (which is actually Silent Night) and "Noel Noel" (imagine her singing that with a wonderfully strong Texas accent.)
Audrey sure does love her cousin Caroline.

What pals.
Santa brought Audrey the Wonder Pets fly boat! Wow!
Her favorite Wonder Pet, Ming Ming.

Alaina looked on as Audrey played with her toys.

Santa also brought her food for the oven set that Daddy made for her.

So excited about her toys!

We like to take a picture every year of what Santa leaves under the tree so the girls can remember it just as they saw it.
Wonder Pets, toy food, and some ABC games

Just before Christmas we visited Granny Hilda. It was so good to see her.
And then we ended our Christmas in Bay City with the Douglas family.
What a Christmas the girls had here. Alaina met more of her family and Audrey played like crazy. The family gave them some great gifts that will be such fun.
Audrey loved playing with her Papa this year. And it was fun to see her and her cousin Cylus playing together. We look forward to many years of them playing together along with Eli and Alaina.
She also went around the house constantly calling her cousing Cameron. She was still calling for him when we got home.

Aunt sister meeting Alaina. Our kids love Aunt Sister.

Granny West with her 100th grandchild. Well not really 100th, but close. :)
And Aunt Jessica loving on Alaina.

It certainly was a special Christmas for our family as Audrey was a little older and so excited about all things Christmas and really excited about her cousins especially. And we celebrate this year our precious baby Alaina, what a gift for our family.

I'll leave you with one Christmas story that we want to remember.

We took Audrey to a children's Christmas program at a local church on the same day that we visited Santa Claus. Audrey LOVED Santa and could not stop talking about him. She kept asking for him and when we went to the Christmas program we told her we were going to see baby Jesus. So as she was intently watching the program, it got kind of quiet and Audrey calls out "baby Jesus Ho Ho Ho!"

Maybe she is a little confused with the true meaning of Christmas, but we're trying. :)

We'll work on this for next year.


on the eastern journey said...

What a sweet, sweet Christmas morning! Audrey is going to love her Dora bicycle. Alaina's stocking was so sweet!

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