Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Comes for Gia's Birthday

Daddy showed up after work on Friday with a wonderful surprise for all of us , a beautiful Christmas tree! Audrey and Alaina both got new ornaments for the tree this year. They are little girl angels. Alaina's says "God's gift" and Audrey's says "best sister." Audrey LOVED these ornaments.
Audrey helped Daddy so much with the tree while Mommy and Alaina watched.

Audrey discovered the stool for decorating and had so much fun.
"Up, down, up down"

And on Saturday morning, we had pancakes for Gia's birthday!
We loved Audrey's morning hair.
A bath after pancakes of course. But one more look at the tree first!
Gia and her girls...

We love you so much Gia! Happy Birthday!

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Zek's Mom said...

Nice mullet Audrey!