Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life Lessons at the Texas State Fair 2010

I LOVE the State Fair. I love all fairs, but there is nothing like The Texas State Fair. I love the food (notice I said food first), I love the exhibits, I love the people watching, I love the flowers, the smells, the excitement in the air, walking the midway. Man, it reminds me of great days as a child.
Now that we are living in Ft. Worth I have really been counting the days until we went to the Fair.
We went on opening day, Sept. 24th, 2010.
Lessons learned at the State Fair...

Audrey loves farming.

She is a great little farmer.

She waters.

She plants.
She harvests.

Alaina just pretty much likes her Gia. But not the sun.
Alaina does not like the sun in her sweet little eyes.

Audrey is a great tractor driver.

And Alaina is along for the ride.

State Fair Corny Dogs just make life better.
You have to get some mustard on your face to fully enjoy the experience.

Laina thinks it's all kind of funny.
Maybe she is deliriously hot.

The best is going to the fair with family.

Oh, and french fries. Did I mention the food yet. We all enjoyed the food.

We have been talking to Audrey about Big Tex for a few days...preparing her.
You can see him from a long way off. Problem is, you can hear him too.So Audrey seems to not be fond of loud noises...any loud noises...or even the remote possibility that something might be loud. Big Tex WAS loud.
If you look carefully at the above picture you can see that Audrey's fingers are in her ears.
They stayed in her ears for much of the day.
Especially at the midway....not an enjoyable place for Audrey.
We thought she might enjoy a ride.
And we were wrong.
It's not fun to watch your baby going around and around calling her mama.
Not fun at all.
For anyone.
Laina did finally go to sleep though.

And as we left a family decision was made.

No more Texas State Fair until the girls are a little older.

At that point the corny dogs will be sweeter, the smells better, the sounds not so "loud."

Overall, just a better idea for all concerned.

Consider that our advice to all of you parents of babies who have not ventured out to the fair yet and are dreaming of how perfect it will be for your little family.

Lesson learned.

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kellimerrill said...

What a cute post. I too love the fair but I know what you mean about taking the little ones. We have decided to skip it this year as well for the same reasons...but it will still be there waiting for us when we are ready. :-)