Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Nanny

Dear Audrey and Alaina,
Tonight we read a very special book for the first time.
This was Mommy's Nanny's book. Nanny was my grandmother (like Gia and Nana are your grandmothers.) Nanny is very very special to Mommy. There could be no better grandmother. I used to sleep with Nanny when I stayed with her at her house. It was very special. This was my very favorite book that Nanny read to me. Here are some of my favorite pages from the book...

As I look at these pages I can remember so clearly laying in bed with Nanny and her reading to me. Her house was so quiet, except for the big grandfather clock that you could always hear ticking. And I loved how Nanny's house smelled. Sleeping was so good at Nanny's house. Her bed was so comfy and she was such a sweet bed partner (although we could hear my Goody snoring in the other room!) :)
After Nanny would read me this book she would tell me the story of the little kitty who said "Meow meow I'm looking for a home." I told you that story for the first time tonight, Audrey. It is a very special story. I bet you will love it as much as I do and will ask me to tell it to you over and over again. And I will LOVE to. It makes me think about my Nanny. I wish you could have known Nanny. Audrey, you were named after her - Rose. You girls would have loved her so much and, oh, she would have loved you more than you can imagine. You would have been very special to her. It makes me sad that you won't know her. Life is missing something so special without her around. Something that can never be replaced. But I sure do plan to tell you all about her. I will tell you her stories, cook you her food (as best I can), show you her pictures. I bet your Aunt Sarah and Gia will have many special things to tell you about your Nanny too. And we will pray that some little pieces of Nanny will come through in both of you. How special that would be.

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kel said...

awww...this made me tear up. i feel exactly the same way about my gaga. she passed away 5 1/2 years ago and i still miss her terribly and wish quinn would have been able to get to know her. how blessed we are to have had such amazing grandmothers!