Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leakey, Texas

We just returned from a nice few days with Troy's lifelong friend, Ashley, and his family.  What a great time at the families' cabin in Leakey, TX.  
The last time we went to Leakey Audrey was about 6 months old and, needless to say, there was no Laina.  Ashley and Crystal have 2 kids, Lane and Kaitlin.  They're older than our girls, but we LOVED every minute with them.  Audrey and KK never stopped playing.  
Here we are playing bubbles with Daddy.

We spent the afternoon down in the river.  We all had our fun...of course Mommy enjoyed the water AND her book right in the middle of the river.
Daddy played around in the water with the kids

Audrey and KK had a blast together!
and here's our two Lane Lane and Lain Lain
Laina stuck pretty close to her Daddy most of the time
Our evening was topped off with some smores

have to have some pics of my other girl...we all know she's part of the family...

 And last but not least, here are our sweet friends the Woffords.  Thank you guys so much for a great time.  Hope to see you again soon!

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