Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It is 7:30 on Tuesday morning, May 21st.  We have been in San Antonio for about 19 days.  We've closed on both houses.  All that is done.  Thank goodness.  The boxes are unpacked.  The pictures are hung.  All is settling in. ...I know it was fast.  I'm a bit obsessive.  We all know that.  That's the way it is.

I got up early this morning.  Did my Bible study.  I'm continuing on in Precepts John.  There are several weeks in this study where we study the feasts of Israel.  Pretty amazing.  I finished the feasts today.  I am keenly aware of God's providence. His absolute Sovereignty over this world and it's days.  and...over my days.  He is always working His purposes, His plans in this world.  He is bringing all things together.  He is Victorious.  And as I pray I am so aware that He is these things in my life as well.

I sit here today feeling a sense of expectancy.  He picked up my family and brought us here.  That much was clear.  We're here now.  We're settled.  We're ready.  I don't know what He has for us.  So I pray expectantly.  God, I'm ready.  I'm pliable in Your Sovereign hands.  You know my heart.  You know my desires.  Do as You will.  We'll just rest here and live life looking for Your movement.

Grow my children.  Give them peace, stability.  Let them be more and more aware of You.  Grow my husband.  Use him.  Give him a good name at the city gates.  Use me in these things Father.
Show me where you want me.  I will not go ahead of You.  I will wait.  I will walk with you.  Serve my family.  Pray, listen and wait.  Expectantly, for YOU ARE GOOD.  YOU ARE ALWAYS VICTORIOUS.
So be it.


Dawne Marie McElroy said...

Love this! Miss you.

anitahp said...

So happy for you all settled in a new house. Can't wait to hear about things as you make the house into a home. Pictures of the new place would be nice. Love ya

anitahp said...
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