Friday, September 19, 2008

1/2 a year old! ... and more Douglas stuff...

Can you believe that our baby girl is 1/2 a year old? The time has gone so quickly! She is such a joy and so precious to Troy and I. What a blessing! We'll be having her 1st birthday before we know it. We may just have a 6 month party too.
Here she is in her big girl high chair. We are working on eating cereal and sitting at the table with Mom and Dad.

Audrey loves books and she loves her Daddy (I think he likes her a bit too!)

I turned around the other day and Nettie had on a bib! Silly girl. (the things Nettie puts up with!...and Audrey is really starting to LOVE Nettie. She watches her all the time and loves to have her hands all over her. ...just wait till Audrey starts dressing Nettie!)

Oh, and we got our couches recovered!!! I am so excited about this. It really makes our home look completed. They are a nice green/brown color. Look perfect with our chase lounge and our PEI pictures. The one on the left is Nanny's couch and the one on the right is Aunt Lynn's. I guess I am a sentimental girl. I love sitting on these couches and knowing that they were lived on in Nanny's and the Rackley houses. They are comfy and look great!


Portia said...

Yay! Such a precious baby! I can't believe she's six months old!! AHH!

And I LOVE Nettie in the bib. It's so funny!

And the couches look amazing!

Amy said...

Audrey is getting so big! She's beautiful.

Your couches look awesome! It makes such a big difference. I know that you are so happy to have them matching!

Mom N' Dad said...

Hey brother...just stopping by to say hi! beautiful kid you got there. Hit me up when you stop in Dallas. Would love to see the family.


Brea said...

How did you go about covering the couches? We need to cover ours and I would love some direction. Feel free to send info to my email.

Marianne said...

Okay, your couches are awesome. I really love the color. Good choice! Of course Audrey is precious and that is just a given!!

Evey said...

She really can't be any cuter. Love her smiles. And Nettie just looks smashing in Audrey's pink bib.

It was good to hear from you the other day even though I didn't actually talk to you. Call me back would ya ;)