Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cloth Diaper 101

So, we have had several people recently ask me about using cloth diapers. I thought that you might need to see for yourself what they are like...

Why Use Cloth Diapers?

Your little one will probably have less diaper rash in cloth diapers than in disposable diapers.
You will avoid sending 8,000 wads of paper, plastic, and poop to the landfill. That's a whole ton of diaper waste for every baby who uses disposable diapers throughout his/her diapering career. Diapers account for about one third of our non-biodegradable waste.
Less raw materials are used and less waste is generated in the making of cloth diapers than in the production of disposables.

A good, basic cloth diapering system will save you about $1500 over your baby’s diapering “career.”
The most expensive system will still save you about $750! Again, you only need a few dozen (at the most) over 3 years, and you can re-use them for subsequent children.
Your baby may potty train about a year earlier in cloth than she or he would in disposables. If this happens, you'll be saving yourself about 1500 diaper changes! Not bad!

A little info:
1. We ordered our diapers from We use the bum genius all in one cloth diapers. Several sites sell them, but this one seemed the best price. You can buy them in sets.
We have 16 diapers and that has us washing every other day. I think having 20 would get you washing every 3rd day.
2. We actually started with disposables until Audrey was about a month old.
3. We use disposables when we go out of town or when Audrey is in the church nursery.
4. We carry a small waterproof bag that is sealable in our diaper bag for when we change her diaper away from home.
5. You can get more info. at I went to a seminar in MA put on by this company.
6. I ordered my waterproof laundrey bag (called a wahmie) at You can use any waterproof bag.
7. The bum genius all in one diapers are the more expensive of the cloth diapers, but I like them because they are so easy AND because she doesn't grow out of them and we don't have to buy any other sizes. I have a few good friends who use different kinds. You can read about that at
8. We love our cloth diapers and are very glad that we chose to use them. We highly recommend them.


Sketti said...

Wow it's so great to see other people using cloth diapers successfully! I'm due any minute now and I have a stash of 24 reusable cloth diapers. I'm a bit nervous about it (my friends think I'm insane) but I'm hoping we can pull it off! (btw...I found your blog from Chris and Evey's Blog)

The Goodwins said...

Im really considering making the switch...That was really informative. I going to look up all the info, now. Thanks for sharing.

Laura said...

Amy!!! I had no idea that you are a cloth diaper Momma! I didn't use them with Eli, but am planning to with Baby Chase. We are going to use the same all in ones that you are using. Glad to hear that you like them. : )