Monday, September 29, 2008

My First Day at the Fair

Hello friends,
I wanted to tell you about my very first trip to the Texas State Fair.

That's Big Tex. He's a landmark in Texas! I got to see him for the very first time.

See Mommy and me in front of Big Tex? He sure is big isn't he? He talks too - he's got a big Texas accent.

I got to take in all of the sites and sounds with my Gran
And my Grandpa

Boy, was it fun!

I almost got to try my first Fletcher's Corny Dog...

But not quite...

And that's about all I could handle for one day.

Until next year (when I just might get that Corny Dog after all) see ya later!


anitahp said...
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Ty and Kelly said...

Love those sunglasses!!