Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Dear Audrey Rose, Mommy and Daddy cannot believe that a whole year has come and gone. It seems like just yesterday that we went in for a Dr. visit and he sent us straight to the hospital. You were born less than 3 hours later and our lives were changed forever. It is amazing how much you have grown and changed this year. We have loved and treasured every minute with you. Happy Birthday to our girl. We celebrate you!
This is your birthday candle. You will come to love this candle. Mommy and Aunt Sarah both had special birthday candles just like this. Every year we will wake you up on your birthday with the candle burning, singing and celebrating you! And we will burn down one more year on your special day. Here is the beginning of your first birthday. We woke you up and you jumped up as soon as we came in the room. You were so enthralled with the candle. It was a great start to your birthday celebration.

You had great morning hair.
Then after getting up and dressing all pretty, we went to your one year Dr. appointment. You weigh 18 pounds. Still our little petite girl.
After the Dr., we headed up to Dallas for your party with Gran and Grandpa. It was a great party. So many special people came to celebrate with us: Gran, Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Eddie, Cate, Caroline, Cole, Cousin Christy, Tim, Andrew, Linsdey, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Richard. We had such a great time celebrating you...
a tool table passed down from Aunt Lynn's grandkids.

You had some swinging time with Daddy.
And was time for presents! Boy did you get some great gifts!

This was a great year for shoes. You got several pair and they are so cute! You needed them becuase you are about to be walking everywhere.

Gran made you a special bath towel for a big girl. You really liked it.
And then it was time for your first cupcake. Mommy made some special strawberry cupcakes and it took you no time to dig in. But first we sang Happy Birthday and you were not sure what you thought of that.

You loved every bite of this cupcake and we LOVED watching you eat it.

Savoring every bite.

This must be what a sugar coma feels like.

Daddy is so proud of you baby girl.

And Mommy loves you so very much.
Now, let's have some more swinging for the birthday girl...
Whoa, somebody slow this thing down!
Cousin Caroline loves to play with you. She swung you so high!

And your cousin Cate loved on you so much. She fed you some dinner.
And finally, you got to celebrate your Uncle Eddie's birthday. His birthday and Uncle Jeremy's birthday are both 5 days after your big day!

The birthday girl celebrates...

Our baby Audrey, we love you!

Happy Birthday precious girl! We look forward to many many more birthdays celebrating YOU.


*~*a.l.s*~* said...

Happy birthday, Audrey! She is so sweet! I love her candle, too! What a great keepsake (at least for the next 20 years :)

On the Eastern Journey said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! Your birthday candle is so sweet! It looks like you really enjoyed your Mommy's cupcakes!

Jeremy, Carol, and Soren said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! Happy birthing day, Amy and Troy! (belated on both accounts) It looks like you had a fantastic day together and spring looks like it's in full swing in TX!

Portia said...

YAY! Happy birthday big girl!! It looks like a great day. And the cupcakes looked really good... Amy you might have to send me that recipe...

Womack said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Audrey! So glad you enjoyed your day!

jen heemstra said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! I can't believe it has been a year! You have gone from a beautiful baby to a beautiful grown up little girl!

Jinxy said...

The cupcake eating is adorable!