Friday, March 13, 2009

Purple Chew Toys and Tug of War

Since Audrey was born we have taught Nettie not to play with Audrey's toys and she really does a great job of knowing the difference between her toys and Audrey's. Now little Audrey, she's a whole different story... She likes to play tug of war with Nettie's toys. And she will let Nettie pull her all over the place while holding on with a death grip. The purple toy that Nettie has seems to be a favorite of Audrey's. If it is in Audrey's line of site, she is after it. And she will just go up to Nettie and take it from her (we are lucky to have such a sweet puppy to put up with that.)

Proud that she has the toy.

taunting Nettie.
And inevitably...

( and no, aunt Sarah, we do not let her put the toy in her mouth. We do stop her from chewing on the dog toy. This was only allowed today for documentation purposes. :)

I don't know what it is about that purple dog toy, but it has definitely become popular around here. I bet if we bought Audrey the fanciest baby toy around she would still choose that dog toy.


Evey said...

HAHA! Too funny!

anitahp said...

Happy First Birthday Audrey....Doesn't seem possible you are a year old!!! We have loved keeping up with you and watching you grow. Enjoy your cake and come see us!