Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend in Bay City

This weekend we went to Bay City to visit Nana and Papa. It was really hot and we decided to spend Saturday morning at the beach. Boy was it fun! My cousins Cameron and Cylus came with us. I love for Mommy and Daddy to hold me in the water and let the waves hit me....but I'm not too sure about walking on the sand.
Daddy played in the sand with me.

My cousin Cylus loved playing in the water.

It was a great day! Thanks for taking me to the beach Nana and Papa!


Marianne said...

Joshua was all excited when we were looking at the pictures of the beach. He was like, "I want to go the the beach!", So do I boy!! Cute pics!!

karin said...

First of all I have to say that Audrey always has the cutest hats on! And, you look great! Did she eat any sand? Eric is just growing out of that stage now.

jen heemstra said...

Ohhh, beach looks like so much fun! I'm very jealous of your warm Texas weather as we have yet another cloudy June day here.