Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ode to the Red Sox

We cannot tell the story of us without giving much credit to the ever so amazing Boston Red Sox.
The summer that Troy and I started dating I had a minister's pass to the Red Sox.

Most of the time when someone asks about our dating we tell them that we dated over the Red Sox. It's very true. Troy and I spent most of our time together at church and with friends, but when we had time alone much of it was spent at a Red Sox game.
I could go to any game (except the playoffs) and take one guest.
Needless to say, after Troy and I started dating I took no other guests.

The only catch with the minister's pass was that we didn't have our own seats. We had "standing room only" seats. This meant that we spent much of the game scoping out seats that were empty that we could sit in. (We got kicked out of seats several times.)
But we did end up enjoying sitting at the very top against the fence.
It had a great breeze and view of Boston behind us.
We had many great conversations at Red Sox games.

And let us not forget that this was the year that Boston won the world series!

Another interesting point - The Sox won again the year that I was pregnant with Audrey.

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