Thursday, June 3, 2010

She's growing so quickly...

Wow, Alaina is growing up so quickly. Six months has just flown by. Our little girl is rolling over like crazy, pushing up and scooting all around. She loves to play with toys, play peekaboo, and sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Most of all I think she loves her sister and Nettie! She loves nothing more than to play and laugh with Audrey and to just sit and touch on Nettie. We even caught her trying to put Nettie's foot in her mouth one day (and Nettie was pleased to oblige!)
Aliana is gobbling up her cereal, apple sauce and now we've started sweet potatoes.
(I can't believe I'm back to making baby food again so soon!)
She's finally starting to enjoy the bath a little more, although she still isn't so sure. And we've officially given up all baby bath cushions. She's loving sitting up to play in the water.
And as she is sitting up so well, she was able to sit in the shopping cart all by herself for the first time today. There she was, such a big girl sporting her tevas and big floppy polka dot hat. She loved looking around and smiling at people as they checked her out.

What a big girl we have!

Cute little teva feet.

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Portia said...

Awww... So CUTE!
I'm so bummed that we didn't get to see you guys! Wouldn't you know, Eden woke up fever free this morning!!