Monday, October 18, 2010

Douglases Take on Nebraska...Take 1

On Friday the Douglas Fam set out on the longest road trip of our families existence - Ft. Worth to Nebraska.

Our girls love to sit next to one another in the car. They are such sweet sisters...even after a long car ride.

How sweet is that?!
Some friends loaned us a car dvd player. LIFESAVER. we watched alot of sesame street. Way more tv than we normally get to watch so it was a big treat.

A little bit of peekaboo...

Relaxing to Mrs. Spider and Her Sunny Patch Friends.

Nebraska at last! While Mr. Travis and Daddy went to see Nebraska and UT play (go Longhorns!) Mommy, Laina, Audrey, Evan and Mrs. Becca went to visit Mr. Steve and Mrs. Cathy. It was a great day.
Mr. Steve took Audrey and Evan on an adventure...

Laina loves to be outside.
And she loves Mrs. Becca

Baked some cookies with Mrs. Cathy
Tackled a big bear
And fed some donkeys

Alaina got to meet a new friend, Ameliah. And Mommy and Daddy got to visit our good friends Dan and Ann. That was a surprise treat for all of us.

Some Daddy and Laina time.Kisses.
And a big walk in the park.
Evan and Audrey collected treasures from our walk to make a collage.
Laina came along for the ride

" Look what I found Mommy!"

And finally some playground fun

Don't forget Daddy and Mr. Travis.
Crazy Daddies...

Mrs. Becca found a whooly caterpillar

and we all played in the leaves

Yea for fun in Nebraska! More to come...

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