Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lucas Farm

Yesterday Daddy and Mr. Travis got up early and went to the Lucas farm to hunt. The rest of us met them at the farm later and had a great time meeting Grandma Kate and Grandpa Ned.
The kids got to dig into a box of Grandma Kate's jewelry. They LOVED it!

Even Laina got in on the fun

we also got to meet some animals on the farm. Our girls loved that.
They could stay outside all day exploring.
And I think Grandpa Ned was happy to show us around.

Alaina especially liked Coco the dog.

Notice Laina's necklace. She did not want to part with it.

She is so happy just to sit in the grass and explore...or stand...

We also got to do some apple picking at the farm.

And apple eating

And checkin out some corn stalks
Sweet sisters. The sure do love eachother.

As soon as we pulled out of the driveway at the farm the girls were OUT.
Notice Laina got to leave with the necklace.
We also left the farm with apples, homemade pickles and seeds for our garden. How fun!
And when we got home Laina had a ball just playing around on the bed. She loves to throw herself around on a bed.
A little modeling in her necklace and socks...

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