Saturday, September 26, 2009

Comal County Fair

This weekend was the Comal County Fair. Such fun to go to smaller town festivities such as this (although we would have loved to have been at the Texas State Fair this weekend!)

On Friday Audrey and Mama joined our friend Mrs. Stephanie and her family at the parade. It was a great 2 hr. parade and Audrey stared at everything in awe. Very fun.

Then today our family went to the fair. We got there early and watched the steer being judged and then went to the petting zoo. Audrey loved watching the steer from afar. She mooed at them. But at the petting zoo, as you will see, she was a little timid. I know she loved seeing all of the animals that she talks about all of the time, but to actually get up close and touch them was another story. :)

We walked around alot and it was pretty hot. Finally we enjoyed some lunch together and then headed home.

Audrey had a great time and was worn out. Just think, next year we will be toting around 2 little ones at the fair (and mommy won't be pregnant!) wow.

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