Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our little talker

So, as you might know, I printed up my blog last year for a memory book for Audrey. I'll print it again when baby # 2 turns 1. Because of that, most of my posts are meant to be memories for my girls. That being said...

Audrey, I wanted to write a list of the words that you are saying now - at 18 months. You love to talk and mimick almost everything we say. We want to remember these first words. There are really many more words that you have imitated (for example you got in the car a few weeks ago and started saying "aw man!" over and over...just like your mommy), but the following words you know and say regularly.

The Dr. said today that your language is advanced, you are tall for your age, average weight and have a big head.
Aunt Sarah says that you get your smarts from her and your big head from Mommy. :)

You love to say:

  1. Mommy
  2. daddy
  3. nettie (neh) the other day when we left the house you waved at Nettie and said "bye Neh"
  4. grandpa (bapa)
  5. cole (dole)
  6. nana
  7. milk (mil)
  8. book
  9. cracker (dado)
  10. outside or inside (iide)
  11. fish (ish)
  12. giraffe (raffe)
  13. puppy
  14. baby
  15. car
  16. please
  17. owl + hoohoo (you have to say them together)
  18. go
  19. chicken (kind of sounds like that soundtrack to Ferris Bullers Day Off...chickachickah)
  20. banana (namana)
  21. apple (bapple)
  22. color (lalo)
  23. balloon (also sounds like lalo)
  24. yogurt
  25. diaper
  26. truck
  27. read
  28. bird
  29. pig
  30. peas
  31. cheese
  32. ming ming (from Wonder Pets)
  33. Ring Ring (also from Wonder Pets)
  34. duck
  35. bug
  36. flower
  37. rock
  38. cuckoo
  39. bunny
  40. mouse
  41. shoes
  42. bear
  43. frog
  44. star
  45. grapes
  46. cat
  47. bubble
  48. ball
  49. ear
  50. nose
  51. mouth
  52. eye
  53. pooh bear
  54. more (and you add more to words...more milk, more book, etc.)
  55. bath

That's all I can think of now although I know there are more and it will drive me crazy when I think of one and don't have it on the list. You also say moo for cow and baah for lamb and growl for a lion. You definitely recognize the names, but prefer their sound. :)

Wow, we can't wait to see what you'll be saying even a week from now. Our little smartie pants!

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