Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gia and Bapa's

We just returned from a nice long trip to Gia and Bapa's.
Boy, do we love our time at their house!
We had a little bit of sister time.
And time with Gia on the piano. Audrey is teaching her sister how to play.
Gia can't wait until Audrey can take piano lessons. We think Audrey will love it!

And some great time with cousins...

Audrey put on a fashion show as we were trying to pick out Easter dresses.
(fyi ...the undershirt is not part of the outfits...)

Alaina and Bapa had some fun time together...
And more cousin time as we celebrated Cate and Cole's birthdays...
Audrey got a Valentine's surprise from Gia...

Cate and Cole's "Chocolate Extravaganza".
(yes, I was proud enough of my cake to name it.)
We had some great time playing out in Gia and Bapa's yard.
Nettie and Audrey were in heaven. Looks like Bapa was too.

What a great time with family!

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Amy said...

Love the Easter dresses! I think my two favorites are the light brown dress with the polka dots and pink bow AND the lovely floral print with the pink coat. No matter what Audrey wears, she'll be stylin' for sure!