Monday, March 15, 2010

She's Getting so Big!

Wow, Alaina is getting so big! She is almost 4 months old and has gotten big enough to start enjoying the exersaucer. (She wants to sit up where she can see everything...and keep us in sight all the time!)
Those eyes! They are so big all the time.

And we are getting so many smiles...

Alaina loves her big sissy
And Audrey just LOVES playing with Alaina. This must be a tiny glimpse into what Alaina will put up with in the future as Audrey's little sister...

She didn't seem to mind being a human sticker album. FYI Nettie doesn't mind either. She runs around half the time with stickers all over her back.
(If you plan on sending Audrey a gift in the near future, let me request no stickers...although she would LOVE them!)

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