Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I guess we should do some catching up here. A lot has been going on with the Douglases lately. Mama and Audrey went to Dallas for a few days while Daddy was working really hard in Austin (Daddy is doing a great job!) And we were able to be in Dallas to celebrate birthdays with cousins Cole (7) and Cate (14). Here I am walking with Aunt Sarah and Gran. I do well pulling up and walking along the furniture, but mostly when you try to get me to walk...I sit down and crawl like crazy.
I got to play with my cousin Caroline and the "See and Say." What a great toy.

And Cole read me my favorite book.

Uncle Eddie fed my ice cream for the first time (when mama wasn't looking!) (And I actually got a bite of cheesecake from one of Grandpa's friends the next night! Boy, was that good stuff!)

I also got to go cheer for my cousin Cate at her softball game. It was cold, but I had fun. I think I want to play softball when I get big. (That would make my daddy happy!)

And lastly, as most of you know, our family has been looking (and looking and looking) for a church home here in Austin. We have been praying for a church that wants to reach the culture of Austin and that is living out the gospel together in community. Well, we have finally found a church that we are really excited about. It's called Austin City Life. It is a church plant that was started last Fall. They say over and over that what they are about is Gospel, Community and Mission. They focus most of their ministry through city groups - which we have been attending and love. ACL was meeting in a theater/coffee house downtown on South Congress, but is now moving around the corner to a club on 6th street. If you know anything about Austin, this is very significant. The pastor (a Gordon Conwell Grad) preached Sunday about the history of 6th Street and the significance of our being there. He spoke of redeeming the culture and it so resonated with Troy and I as we have prayed for a place to minister here in Austin. We went Sunday night to the first prayer/worship time at the new spot. It was pretty exciting. Here are a few pictures. We'll have to take more to give you a better picture of this place.
First, here is Audrey getting ready for church on Sunday morning... The view up 6th street.

And the club. Actually, this is the bar/restaurant downstairs where the kids will be. The club is upstairs. It is called The Parish. It is apparantly one of the more popular clubs on 6th street.
We really do appreciate all of your prayers as we have sought to find the community that God has for us here. Please continue to pray for us all as we seek to "redemptively engage Austin."


karin said...

I'm so happy to hear you have found a church home! We are looking, too, so I know what the process can be like. They are fortunate to have you guys. Audrey looked so precious in her church outfit and I couldn't help but laugh when I thought of what an angel she looks like and how she would be crawling on the floor of a bar! haha

Greg and Kim said...

Oh Amy, this makes my heart so happy! When we spoke at Connie's party in January, I didn't seem to hear peace in your voice. But it's oozing out of every word in this post! Praise God! I looked at the church website -- what an incredible find! I'm sure you and Troy connect in incredible ways with the leadership! Love to you and yours!