Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out -n- About

It's 70 degrees here in Austin today and so Mama, Gran, and I decided to head out on the town for awhile. We ended up at the neatest crepe place - "Flip Happy." (It's even been on mama's favorite tv station - The Food Network - winning a throwdown with Bobby Flay.) This place was definitely all Austin. It was in a trailor with lots of tables outside in the sun.

I really enjoyed the sunshine with my Gran. I ate my lunch of cottage cheese with cranberries and peaches while Mama had a crepe with smoked chicken, carmelized onions and goat cheese. Gran had a ham and gruyere crepe. (boy did I get the raw end of this deal!)

Mama and Gran ended their lunch with a peanutbutter cream cheese crepe with dark chocolate, nuts and bananas. Wow! (needless to say.. they are going to have to go on a long walk this afternoon to make up for all of that!)

It was a pretty nice afternoon.
If you come and visit me in Austin, I think I just might bring you here. It's a great place for girlfriends (and Aunt Sarah's too!)!

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