Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baseball Game Weekend in Dallas

This past weekend we went to Dallas to see the Red Sox play the Rangers. It was nice to be home for a few days. Audrey had alot of time to play with her cousins. Here she is with Cate.
She spent alot of time with Caroline and Cole. Caroline even babysat for us and did great! And Audrey walks around the house calling for "Dole" constantly. She gave him lots of kisses - which he immediately wiped off of course.
Her T-shirt says Grandpa's Girl. A more true statement has never been made.
I think she loves her uncle Eddie too.
She just woke up from a nap here and refused to smile, but Uncle Eddie got alot of good cuddling.

So we went to see the Red Sox play the Rangers with Dad, Sarah and the kids. It was a great night - even though the Red Sox did not do well.

Audrey got to stay home with Gran, but she wore her Red Sox hat and cheered with us from home!

There were quite a few Red Sox fans there to cheer with us. And cheer they did. And the Rangers fans were pretty nice - although at one point a lady behind us yelled "go home you Boston trash!" Not so nice of her.

Cole ate everything that he could possibly eat at the game.
And Audrey got to go and meet her great Grandmother, Mema, for the first time. It was a good visit. Mema was very happy to meet Audrey. Audrey found a balloon in the room and it ended up being our ice breaker. She kept bringing it to Mema. She was really sweet.

What a nice weekend at home! Thanks guys!

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