Friday, December 19, 2008

9 months!

Audrey is 9 months old! Yea big girl! We just can't believe it's already been 9 months that we have gotten to enjoy her precious smile, her cackle when we tickle her, her loving on Nettie, cuddling up in bed with her, trying to eat Beetle Bug out of her book, the endless quest to get Nettie's toys, the excitement when we do the sign for "eat" or "milk", the smile when Daddy gets home from work, and that cute little cough that Grandpa taught her. She goes down for her naps without a sound and mostly to bed at night without a peep these days. She sleeps 10-11 hours a night and is so happy when she wakes up. The days ahead are full of crawling and soon walking. We cannot wait! Today we are eating meat for the first time and are going from 2 meals a day to 3.
As of her 9 month Dr. appointment she weighs 16 lbs and 1.5 oz, and is 28 inches long. Basically, she's long and skinny. The Dr. calls her "petite" and says she is growing perfectly.
What a precious precious gift she is!

Oh, and we discovered recently that Audrey loves the piano...

maybe she'll be a pianist like her Gran and her Uncle Eddie.

Or a singer...she seemed to sing while Gran played.

We cannot wait for the months to come! She'll be a year before we know it!

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Amy said...

Oh how I wish we lived down the road from one another...I would love to see Elijah and Audrey grow up together. She is so precious!! She's quite petite and sweet as can be. I love that laugh! Although Elijah is a few months younger...they seem to weigh about the same!! Elijah's a big boy for sure, and I love every pound!