Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our first family Christmas with Audrey

It has become a tradition of Troy's and mine to celebrate our own Christmas a few days before Christmas and a few days before all of our travel to be with family. This was especially important this year with Audrey.

We started out our day with breakfast together (Troy and I with cinammon rolls and Audrey with oatmeal and applesauce.)

Then Audrey got to get her first gifts from Santa Clause.

(As I look back on my years with Santa Clause as I was growing up, I sometimes try to remember what I saw each year as I came out of my room and looked under the tree. I have some great pictures in my mind of this. I wanted Audrey to have real pictures to remember. So, we will try to take a picture after Santa comes each year... before Audrey digs in.)
Audrey, this is what Santa left your very first year!

And this is Audrey discovering her gifts...

Oh, Santa left some treats under the tree for Nettie too. After discovering them, Nettie never let them out of her site.

After Santa was done...and a nap...we went to church.

Then we went and had a nice dinner out (another tradition Troy and I started for our Christmas together.) We went to Pappadeaux. It was GOOD!

And then we came home, put on our pajamas and opened our stockings.
Audrey got to go first...

Troy wanted her to have a stuffed animal that she might learn to love and carry around. We named him Ribbity.
And then there was more...

And don't forget Nettie's stocking...

It really was just a perfect day for our little family. One we will definitely remember for years to come!


Portia said...

So sweet! It looks like you guys had a great time. I love how excited Audrey and Nettie are!!

Jeremy, Carol, and Soren said...

Audrey looks sooo excited for her Christmas presents. Santa was really good to her this year. I guess that she has been a really good girl. Did Nettie ever get to eat any of those treats she was protecting?