Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at Gran and Grandpa's

Look what we found in Audrey's stocking at Gran and Granpa's! A sweet little girl!
(Gran made her the stocking, isn't it great? It has Audrey's name on it.)
Looks like we're pulling out a baby doll doesn't it?
And this is the face that she is making so often now...

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Eddie gave Audrey these books. They are family favorites.

Forget the toys...I like this shoestring! ...And Caroline's hat.

Caroline gave me a telephone.
And we even had our very own Christmas carolers. They sang Silent Night with Cate on the piano, Caroline on guitar, Eddie on mandolin, Sarah singing...and Cole whistling.

Mommy and Aunt Sarah got some pretty bracelets.

And I got a fun book too.
Don't forget my hammer. It makes a funny noise. I like it alot!

Aren't my cousins pretty? I hope I can grow up to be just like them!

I loved pulling presents from my stocking. It was so much fun to see what surprises were inside.

Cate gave me this funny pig.

I had such a good time playing with all of my toys!
Now, don't be worried by my ugly ole t-shirt. Aunt sarah snuck it on me when mommy and daddy weren't looking. Granpa says I am going to wear it when mommy and daddy aren't here. But even I know better than that! I am a Red Sox girl through and through!

Argh matey! I'm a Christmas pirate!

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

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