Thursday, December 18, 2008


So I tried to give Audrey mangos this morning and realized that I have NO IDEA how to cut a mango! I read on my babyfood website the description of how to cut one and thought that I was following those directions, but it didn't work for me. So can someone describe to me how to cut that thing up? AND, I was supposed to just mash it up for her to eat, but it didn't mash well. Any of you babyfood makers can tell me how you served your mango?

I have had one mango in my was in Belize...and it was fermented. Needless to say, I have stayed away from them ever since. I did try it this morning and it is very good. I can see why it is your favorite Karin.

But I'm not sure I will serve it to Audrey so much if it is so much trouble.

Any thoughts?


Amy said...

I love mangos...and I learned how to cut them from the famous Marth Stewart. Basically you peel the mango as you would any other fruit with skin. Then you make long vertical slits in the mango from the top of the mango to the bottom on one side. Then you cut behind those slits and you will have several slices of mango fall off the nut. Then you turn the mango and do the same thing on the other side.
As far as creating baby food out of it, I would then probably put it in the food processor. It will most likely puree very nicely.

Give it another try...I think Audrey will love mangos!!!

Kelly said...

I don't know about the mashing baby-food part but I have a mango looks like an apple slicer and it comes with instructions. It slides right over the pit and then you have 2 halves! Mine is from Williams-Sonoma but then I saw one at TJ MAXX for cheap. I love it and I love mangoes!